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customer service

As a boutique renewals firm, IRG offers numerous benefits that come along with using a dedicated, exclusive renewals provider, such as extensive experience in the subject matter we concentrate on and more reasonable rates than you'll find among the larger providers. But the most significant benefit for our clients is the personal attention and unparalleled customer service we give to each client.

You interact not only with your dedicated acount manager, but also directly with our dedicated team, who is actually performing the work - sending notifications and reminders, and you can reach someone on the phone whose name you know, and who you are sure is dedicated to your account. Developing strong client relationships is fundamental to our success and allows us to build true, ongoing partnerships with clients.

Customer Service


Transparency is among the central issues that we hear about when clients tell us what they are looking for that they cannot receive from other providers. International renewals can get complicated, with different rules, currencies and agents in nearly 200 unique jurisdiction. However, IRG ensures that the complexity does not interfere with our clients receiving all information they are entitled to. Our dedicated portal shows clients official fees, agent fees, relevant exchange rates and more for all payments made on their behalf. Any information that is not displayed through our default settings can be requested and received by the client on a regular basis. 



We recognize that different clients have different needs from a renewals provider, and our unique position allows us to provide complete flexibility for clients to construct the renewals framework that makes sense for them, and not be stuck with a one-size-fits-all offering. This flexibility is appreciated by our clients, and extends to the information they see when accessing our portal as well as timing of and information contained in notifications and reminders. Moreoever, we offer flexible payment terms, allowing clients who are invoicing third parties with respect to the renewal payments to collect prior to having to make any payment to us.

Finally, unlike a number of other providers, in order to benefit from our great prices and other offerings, we do not require a client to agree to be 'locked in' to a contract for any amount of time. We stand behind our service and our customers' satisfaction! 

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