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Lower Your Costs 

Simplify Your Process

The International Renewals Group is your single point of contact for all your renewal needs.
Your IP Renewals Expertly Managed

Managing global annuity and renewal payments with a single supplier saves time, reduces costs, and minimizes operational and financial risk.

At IRG we've come to prove that - by guaranteeing our seamless process and saving you up to 30% on your renewal payments.



Our Core Commitments

Cost Efficiency

IP Professionals that take advantage of our services saw the bottom line on their payments decrease dramatically.


Our dedicated portal breaks down our clients' official fees, agent fees, service fees and relevant exchange rates for all payments made on their behalf.

Customer Service

Every single client large or small is assigned a dedicated account manager to be there when you need them most-when it's convenient for you.

We are your solution for patent and trademark annuity payments worldwide.

Tell us what you need.

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